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"Hi, I've been a freelance painter for a couple of years now.  I really enjoy doing it too, and I hope that it shows in the care I take with my likenesses.  I'm the only one in the team who has no formal art school background.  Instead I left school at 14 and began working.  I met Sylak when I was 17, and for the past few years we have been working closely together."
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Comissioning artwork 'on line' is safe and easy!

Step One: Select a suitable photograph of the subject you would like painted.
Step Two: e-mail your photos to the Cyber Artist by clicking on the mailbox.  We prefer you to send your pictures as: *.jpg  *.gif  *.psd   *.tif  *.eps  *.cdr   *.ai

Accepted formats: *.jpg  *.gif  *.psd  *.tif  *.eps  *.cdr  *.ai

Step Three: We will e-mail you back promptly, with a price for the work based on how large you want it done, and any special requirements such as cropping and editing or colour tone.
Step Four: Once you agree, the Cyber Artist sets an estimated deadline based on current projects.
Step Five: The Cyber Artist scans the finished portrait onto a private web page, and e-mails you the access code for you to view it on line.  This not only allows you to see that the work has been done, but allows you to suggest any final alterations you may wish.
Step Six: You mail a cheque/postal order for the agreed amount (incl. P&P).
Step Seven: The work is dispatched direct to you via insured courier.


Advice on providing photographs:

The cyber Artist at work!

Basic rules are: try to avoid flash photography - it ruins all dimension in the face.  Out of focus or fuzzy pictures hurt my eyes, so try to avoid them whenever possible <thanks>.  It also does not help if the picture or the subjects are too small as there will not be enough detail in the original even if I enlarge it.  Think about what you present as your reference material.  Photos do not always mimic a good likeness, and if your only photo does not really capture you at your best, it is unfair to expect too much elaboration.  One final thing:  feel free to provide more than just one picture.  I can use other photographs to gain a better understanding of what you really look like.


Pricing guide:


Head study (inc. shoulders) 40.00 - 60.00
Couple 80.00 - 95.00
Group of three 120.00 - 200.00

All prices are in (UK) pounds sterling.

Pricing is subject to each individual contract.  I have tried to display some rough guides to pricing, opposite, depending on size and complexity of the piece.  Basic backgrounds are included.  Part/full bodies and complex backgrounds will add extra to the base price.  I always give an estimate in advance of our contract and stick to it.


I usually work to an approximate (U.K.) A4 (210mm/297mm) to A3 (305mm/400mm) - although many clients require portraits sized somewhere in-between.  Larger sizes can be provided on request.   Postage and packing will be at cost price,  appropriately insured.


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Photographs on this website are subject to individual copyright (c) and may not be reproduced without permission.

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