Why a portrait is different.

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"Hi, I've been a freelance painter for a couple of years now.  I really enjoy doing it too, and I hope that it shows in the care I take with my likenesses.  I'm the only one in the team who has no formal art school background.  Instead I left school at 14 and began working.  I met Sylak when I was 17, and for the past few years we have been working closely together."
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Your own piece of history:

The Cyber Artist busy at work!

When you comission the Cyber Artist to paint a portrait or a subject from your own reference material, you are comissioning an individual piece of artwork which is quite unlike any photograph you may have.

A painting will outlast a photograph, when the latter fades in time or becomes disgarded or mislaid.  Each portrait is unique - even if you were to order two identical studies they would still be different.  A well-cared-for portrait will almost certainly survive the ravages of time far longer than their subject, and captures a moment which lasts virtually forever.

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Cropping and editing:

Only surviving photo of the 'Oriana'. The skill of the artist also allows for selective editing of a photograph.  This makes it possable to 'edit out' unwanted elements that may impinge on an otherwise "perfect" picture.

As long as enough information is avaliable to the artist and the benefit of logical reasoning dictates, then this is a service which the Cyber Artist is willing to put on offer.
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Photo's of Poppy. Multiple reference material.

Providing more than one photograph gives the Artist the opportunity to study the subject from another perspective, allowing her to build up far more depth and dimension in the finished work than could be achieved from only one source material.
Another good reason (demonstrated in this piece) points out that although the portrait was mostly based on the reference in the forground, it was the (earlier) picture behind this which was used as a colour match, and that best indicated the correct eye shade.
Finished study of Poppy (prior to alteration).
Colour tone:

Working from the photographic reference mutually chosen during a consultation between the Artist and the client, the finished study (left) was presented for final approval.  It was at this stage that the client asked for a deeper colour depth which would emphasise 'Poppy' during an earlier period in her life.
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