This page is dedicated to some of the artwork that has made this site possible. The design process is one of the most creative aspects of any project. Before we begin creating any new piece, we first start by putting some of our ideas on paper; this is so that we can share them more easily and come up with solutions to various logistical problems that we may come across. It also makes it easier to combine our visions to form the basis of what will become the final design for a mask or prop.

Nicky is an accomplished artist who has been commissioned to paint a number of portraits, all of them from photographs supplied by her clients. She has a particular talent for capturing animals and pets, but has also put her hand to people and even still life when called to do so. She is also responsible for all the final paintwork of our many masks and props, and is a valued member of the team.



  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Artist/painter: Nicky  -   Sketch artist: Sylak