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Beast of London


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The year is 1887, and in London's East End; a beast stalks Whitechapel.  In little under 2 months, 5 women have been done bloody murder!  And then, as suddenly as it had started, the killing ceases...



Curt is an artist living and working in West London.  He has a home studio, and produces large sculptures based on the human body; many of which display surreal or disturbing transformations.  His help was greatly appreciated during the early stages of this project and it was after the sketch opposite, that we began work modelling the 3D make-up over a prepared life cast of the subject.

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The Beast Sketch.


Inside of negative mould.

These are  two views of the negative mould, taken from an original sculpture of the Beast, which was unfortunately recycled some time back in order that the lifecast could be salvaged for use on yet another project.

Latex negative mould (exterior)

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  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Sculptor / Model maker: Sylak  -   Make-up artist / Painter: Nicky
Assistant concept designer: Curt.

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