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Beast of London


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The beast turned out to be just a man; but in the hysteria that gripped old London town, another far more ancient stalker had been awakened from its thousand year slumber.


Plaster cast negative.

The ears were cast separately from a two piece plaster mould which was formed after an original freehand sculpture.   The prosthetic was then secured around the back of the head with an elasticised support running (out of view) under the hair.

Latex ears (wired), with accessories.

Slush cast.

Once the positive was run off from the mold, it was painted and the jaw removed, to be attached separately, which allowed for some limited facial movement (this was the only drawback to this technique).

Because we saved so much on the whole construction of this make-up, we were able to 'splash out' on special, custom made, coloured contact lenses, which made all the difference.

White contact lenses (by Paul Thompson).

Right lens.

Left lens.

The finished effect was then enhanced with the final touch - fangs (which we made ourselves).


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  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Sculptor / Model maker: Sylak  -   Make-up artist / Painter: Nicky
Assistant concept designer: Curt.

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