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There are a people alien to this world - a race of immortals blessed with unspeakable powers.  From their necrotised, battle-scarred remains are formed living weapons.
[The Lazarus Equation - By S. Ravenspine]


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The props displayed on this site have a unique, and rather grisly appearence. They seem to be like something straight out of a nightmare!

-"What's it all about?"
-"We named this piece the 'Bio-Dagger' (referring to it's biological nature). It was my ambition to generate a collection of items, which would be instantly distinguishable as sharing a similar ancestry. I based all my pieces on a book that I had written several years earlier (but never published) in which organic and synthetic components were used to build weapons of mass destruction."

-"How many pieces are you going to make?"
-"This was our second creation following the Bio-gauntlet. Now and again, I find time, between jobs, to put together another creation. I have since built the Gotheray (a Bio-pistol), and have plans to build a shuriken style 'Bio-star' and an up-dated Bio-gauntlet Mk.II. We are also about half way to completing the next piece - which is yet another Bio-pistol but with a totally different rigging!"

-"From where do your draw your inspiration?"
-"Difficult question. Well, when I was about 12, I witnessed a bad motorcycle accident along Miami Beach, in which a van collided with a biker. I was almost mincemeat in the middle - a couple of seconds later in crossing the road, and I would have been hit for sure! The biker's leg was crushed under the heap of twisted metal that, moments earlier, had been his Harley. Pieces of bone and flesh were jutting out from between the radiator and the exhaust. The blood made it hard to distinguish between what was him and what was part of his bike. Although it was horrific, I think I was also fascinated!

I saw some work by the German artist H.R.Giger - it was incredibly dark yet fascinating at the same time. I admire it greatly, but feel that I have something different to say - I hope that I can show another side to this developing art form."

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  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Sculptor / Model maker: Sylak  -   Make-up artist / Painter: Nicky

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