FACT: On 14th March 2002 Professor Kevin Warwick became the worlds first Cyborg.



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Meanwhile, back at Reading University, the medical team was concerned over the positioning of the circuit boards on the arm. An open wound, where the micro filament leaves the array - to connect externally with the booster board; would provide ample opportunity for any infection to find direct access to the delicate median nerve tissue.

Ribbon Cable Booster PCB (under dust shield) Power Cells stored under motherboard! Motherboard Motherboard
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The solution was simply to tunnel a channel, under the skin, far enough up the arm, and away from the danger zone; so, if infection ever did get a hold, this would grant medics precious time to treat any potential risks - away from the implant.


The 2nd Prototype

Once again, we were forced to come up with a radical new design - since the new positioning of the array meant that the whole PCB configuration was now literally spun around 180

Locking down the long bones in the arm, appeared great on paper; but proved too restrictive when tested in real life - using the prototype brace (previous page).
We were also encouraged to make the whole thing appear a little less 'bony' than our first prototype model.

The new prototype was to be a two part construction:
The upper part (which connected directly to the array) would be based on an arm bracelet - with six rib-like fingers, that could clasp around the forearm to secure the booster board tightly in place.
The lower half was based on an armguard design - secured in the same way (but with only four fingers).

The 'guard' would then be connected (using a socket joint) to the 'bracelet' at the tip of the upper/right corner only.  This would allow the whole configuration to be free-floating, and swivel on its axis as the wrist moved.

We were further asked to incorporate an acrylic dust shield (covering the wounded implant area) into our design - which can be seen clearly in both photographs.

Bracelet Module Ribbon Cable Armguard Module Coupling
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Desperately close to Zero hour the gauntlet goes through it's final transformation!
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Photographs by kind permission of Marc Gasson

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