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The story broke in England on Sunday July 21st 2002; with a two page review in the Mail on Sunday tabloid; followed by worldwide TV news coverage.

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The book based on the experiences of the worlds first official cybernetic human, is now available to buy in the shops and On-Line retailers.
Chronicling the ascension of man through this evolutionary offshoot.
Not since homosapiens and Neanderthals walked the earth together, has their been a time in our evolution where two distinct species of human have existed at once.
The age of the Cyborg is now here.  More mutants will no doubt follow the lead that Professors Kevin Warwick and Brian Andrews have given.
If you intend to stay human in the years to come, then you should make a point of reading this book.
If you are considering the other options; then you definitely need to read this book!
Mankind will shortly be facing a turning point in his history once again.  But, this time, you will get to choose your side!

Available in bookshops or On-Line RRP 14.99


Sadly, I have to add this (just in case anyone out there gets too frightened)

Please bare in mind that this work is revolutionary and scientifically important.  However, please also appreciate that a certain amount of 'spin' is also necessary in order to attract wider attention to the greater issues involved.
The work itself is very serious and beneficial.  Some of the views, however - expressed by the parties involved, are, at times, more concerned with stirring the imagination; and should be taken as tongue-in-cheek!

If you need further elaboration, that Professor Warwick is not really plotting world domination; then you need to read this web link article; and put your mind at rest - errr...
Kevin Warwick - Robot Man ;-)


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