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Dental casting

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Our custom-made fangs are created from an actual casting taken from the subject's own mouth.
This is so that when worn, the fangs should look as if they have grown out from your own jaw.
Since no two people's dental history will match exactly, the prosthetic denture, or fangs, can only be worn by the person whose teeth they have been modelled to.

Getting a cast made

Of course - you could simply visit your local dentist and pay for them to take a cast of your teeth, but here at Sylak Special Effects we like to offer you the chance to keep your budget at a minimum, so we have put together this simple instruction set (which we shall improve as time goes by).
You can also order the complete kit through our on-line shop, or by e-mailing us.


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Casting (kit) Materials
[kit avaliable from supplies shop].
[1] 2 Dental impression trays [5] Casting plaster (very hard)
[2] 2 Impression tray handles [6] *Mixing bowls
[3] 2 Casting trays [7] *Spatulas
[4] Dental impression material (Alginate)

*avaliable separatly


Look out for the following.


Points to remember.

The art to taking a good cast of your own teeth is down to following some basic instructions, and maybe a little practice.

Never use plaster directly inside the mouth.  Even using alginate (which is the correct material to use) inside the mouth must be done with extreme caution, since you run the risk of choking if the procedure is done without care.


[1] Prepare your area and make ready all your materials before you start work.
[2] Work quickly (alginate sets in seconds).
[3] Do not over-fill the tray (possible choking hazard).
[4] Do not bite down too hard (you will cause areas of 'bite-through').
[5] Although unlikely - since set alginate is quite tough - be careful not to tear or dislodge the impression material away from the support tray.
[6] Try to obtain a casting of the frenum membrane that joins the front of your lips to the base of your gums, since certain full mouth prosthetics will need to allow for free clearence of this anatomical feature when fitting.


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