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Dental casting

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Casting method

-Loosen the dental alginate powder by shaking it in a tin or suitable container.

-Mix roughly equal parts of powder to water - generally colder water will allow for a longer working time (always read the manufacturer's instructions).

-Fill the impression tray with the alginate mixture to the level of the lip, and fit into the mouth before it begins to set.

Tip (Professional): For best results - just before inserting the tray of alginate in to your mouth; smear some extra alginate up round the gum line between your lip. This will allow for a complete cast of your gums too (including the frenum membrane).

-Keep your head level or slightly tipped forward - so that any excess alginate does not run to the back of your throat.

Upper set. -After about a minute (you'll feel when it is ready), wiggle the tray about in your mouth to release the suction, and carefully remove the cast from your mouth.

-When it comes out, it may be covered in a layer of slimy saliva that you can wash of by running the cold water tap gently over the negative cast.

Truly professional tip: You can mix the plaster in advance, just before you begin mixing your alginate; since the plaster will take far longer to reach its curing stage than the alginate will.  It should still be runny by the time you have taken your cast removed it, and even cleaned off all the spit! - trust me!


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