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Dental casting

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Things that can go wrong.



Because mixed alginate contains approximately 50% water, it is subject to severe shrinkage from water-loss due to evaporation.  Therefore it is recommended that you waste no time in taking your plaster positive.

after only a few hours at room temperature.

If you are unable to do so, you may carefully wrap the mould (with its tray) in an air tight bag, for later casting.


Tip (Professional): Drape some damp kitchen towel over the alginate cast during any period of extended preparation (e.g. if you need time to mix your plaster).


Dental types

Some people are concerned that their teeth are not straight and that they are unsuitable for dental prosphetics.  I can assure you that this is not true.  Even if you are missing teeth, or thay are not very straight, it should be possible to make you a set of teeth you will be happy with.

Over bite.


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