The making of the mask.

The Fly - Make-up Mask


The mask was made to fit like a crash helmet.


The hands were gloves that could be sliped on.

The Mutant Fly was a very unusual project indeed. The brief was to create an appliance that would look pretty good close up, but be dramatic enough from a distance  also, such as the back of a theatre hall.
Since it would be used for a scene in which 'the scientist' underwent a dramatic transformation (in real time), conventional make-ups would not be appropriate. And due to the limited space within the 'pod', the actor would have to be able to fit the whole costume themselves.

Inspired by the 'B' movies of the 1950's, This creation owes as much to the spirit of Mardi-gras for its design solution and choice of materials.

What is really great about this project is that all the materials needed, were obtained at our local high street.  So you can make this one too!
I have included a quick 'step by step' guide on the following pages.

This technique allows you to manufacture some very large scale work in a very short time.

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  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Sculptor / Model maker: Sylak  -   Make-up artist / Painter: Nicky
Assistant concept designer: Curt.

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