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Life-casting limbs

Hand cast.

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Creating a 'creature effect' is more than simply generating a good face mask.  It embodies everything surrounding your creation.  Your aim should be to convince the viewer that your creation is 'real'.
No matter how fantastic any mask looks, sooner or later focus will be drawn away from the face; and the next place that people are likely to look is the hands.
This small detail will thrill the general viewer, and impress your counterparts.


Far too many great effects have failed at this 'first hurdle' - especially on old age makeup, or creature design.  But, once you have made the mask and hands, you'll have accomplished a full costume.  Everything else is just extra credit: ear tips, fangs, contact lenses etc...

You could just add make-up directly to the skin in an attempt to match the colour of the face mask.  this is a method known as concealing make-up.  You can improve on this with nails or even finger extensions; but the best option to to mimic the effect you have made on the face, and make a 'mask' for the hands too!
To do this, we follow the same processes that were needed to generate the sculpture for the face.

So, how do we begin casting a hand and forearm?

Well, in some ways, it can be even trickier than casting the face.  The only advantage being that you are unlikely to suffocate your client in the process!   However you can cause injury during the removal process if you do not take extreme care.

Here is what you are going to need...



Kitchen supplies Wooden knife

Building merchants

Plaster (powdered stone)
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Kitchen supplies

Protective sheeting
Cutting tool (eg Dremel) Click here to buy this product. Alginate

Hardware shop

Sand paper General stores Refuse sack
Stationary suppliers Elastic bands

Hardware shop

Plaster rasp

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  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Sculptor / Model maker: Sylak  -   Make-up artist / Painter: Nicky
Assistant concept designer: Curt.

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