Part #1

"Before setting out on any project, It is best advised to gather as much reference material as you can get your hands on."

ministills.jpg (8494 bytes) The Internet is undoubtedly an invaluable source of material, but do not disregard your local library or book store either.  A trip to the local museum may allow you to make first hand sketches from actual artefacts.
In this case I have chosen to recreate the sacrificial knife of Amon-Ra from the classic 1932 movie staring 'Boris Karloff' as 'The Mummy', so I was able to rent a copy of the video and take as many screen shots as I liked.  However I was disadvantaged by the actual age and quality of the film. In cases like this, it is often much better to take a loop of the film and study the item in motion.

Approximate size can be ascertained by finding a common reference point such as a hand.  Never forget however to compensate for an actors vital statistics.  Boris Karloff was above average height, therefore his hands would have been larger than most people.  Even if you are working alone, use your own hand and make appropriate compensations.

Once you have marked out a rough template, you can make a cardboard mock-up. This will allow you to make any last minute alterations before starting work on the model itself.                    Click here.

  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Sculptor/model maker: Sylak  -   Artist/painter: Nicky