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facial life-casting

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Click here for the Beast make-up page. In order that you can make a mask that fits snugly to the contours of an actor's face assisting them to portray a character; you will first have to create a life cast.
A life cast is an exact copy of person's features, which allows you the privilege of studying them for extended periods of time, and applying products and chemicals which would otherwise cause great suffering or even danger to the subject themselves.  Working on a life cast offers the artist greater flexibility and time to render their creations.

This is an advanced form of mask making. However, with a little effort and experience, you should have no problems creating an end result, which looks visually dramatic and stunning.

Although the process of making a life cast is relatively simple, it does require some practice in order to obtain a successful result every time. However if you follow the instructions on this page, you should achieve the desired effect.


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Plaster bandage
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Plaster (powdered stone)

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*Spirit gum (for bald cap)

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*Plastic wrap (Optional)

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*Sticky tape (For plastic wrap)

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