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Without any links, the internet, as we know it, would cease to function!  You'd have to go back to dialling directly into every persons computer you wanted to visit, just to see what pages they'd left accessible for you - in their public folders.
You'd be forever updating a hand written list of phone numbers as long as your arm - with neat little descriptions alongside them...

WAKE UP! - you were just having a nightmare.  The Internet is still here.


Alright, the World Wide Web is not really at the mercy of your own links pages, but they do make navigation, for the most part, far more agreeable and convenient.
For example: on this page you will see that we have employed non intrusive tactics to keep traffic flowing on this site:

Hyperlinks (or Links) - http:// is usually masked with a descriptive text - such as the the page's title.
Banners (Deluxe links) - instead of the descriptions, you get an object like a picture (think English Pub sign).
Awards (another banner) - Your prize, for being judged to have a great web site: a banner disguised as a cup :-/
WebRings (or Rings) -  One of the best! These are Fan Listings, tailored to suite a specific topic.

Intrusive tactics such as Pop-Ups and using Visitor's Stats to create SPAM mails are not used on this site - and are generally frowned on by the internet community.
Instead, we would rather people choose to sign-up to our News Letter.

Q: What does the acronym SPAM stand for?
A: Nothing. Spam is not an acronym. Interestingly enough, the term was in all probability derived from a Monty Python Flying Circus comedy sketch in which the participants incessantly repeated the word "spam" ad nauseam. The association was thus born between the word spam and this type of e-mail—since both were seemingly limitless, unstoppable and, above all else, extremely annoying.

Many computers are now equipped with Anti-SPAMing filters to block suspicious incoming emails!  If you send us an email with a [BLANK] subject heading, or only a single work of text in the body of the email, chances are it will never even reach us.  be warned!


The links on this page are not officially part of our web site.  They have been gathered from various sources, over a period of time; and whereas we make an effort to review them from time-to-time, we are not responsible for maintaining them.
Links are generally reciprocal in nature; but we reserve the rights to remove sites which have lost their appeal over time.


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Cyborg 2.0

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The Lord Of The Web







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WebRing is nothing more than a list of people who like a particular thing. The idea is that instead of using search engines to find sites which may or may not have what you want? you go directly to a 'Fan listing' which lists nothing but sites in that collective.
So, if you wanted to find trades people involved in independent films - such as: Make-up artists, Special Effects Co., Directors; and who are also based in the UK, C.I. or Ireland? you would visit the UK Contractors Web Ring.

Visit a complete list of our

memberships here


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