Project: The female Centaur.

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by: Sylak.

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Without getting too eccentric, it is not a bad idea to do a little research into your subject matter.  Subtle references to folklore or legends, or the inclusion of appropriate props, locations or colour schemes within your work will add a hidden dimension to your finished piece that will allow people to see some deeper message within your art.  Attention to detail is everything.  Allow your finished piece to tell a story or at least offer conjecture.

Legends and Folklore

-  In Greek mythology, Ixion was king of the Lapithes. He murdered his bride's father to avoid paying him the bride price. When no one on earth would purify him, Zeus took Ixion to Olympus and purified him. Ixion attempted to seduce Hera, but Zeus created a phantom of her and by it Ixion fathered the CENTAURS. In punishment he was chained for eternity to a fiery wheel in Tartarus.

Biology - There are about 1400 scorpion species, but only about 25 species whose venom is capable of causing human death, in some cases within several hours (Polis, 1990).  Some of the scorpions might be armed with a highly toxic poison, however, their sting can be too small to cut through our thick human skin.

Philosophy -  The Zodiac: Scorpio the Scorpion (October 24-November 21) - Scorpio will rarely be found in the center of activity, but will always know just what is going on of concern to him. Their tenacity and willpower are enviable, their depth of character and passionate conviction admirable, but it is their deep sensitivity that makes them the best and most loyal friend. This same quality makes them the most treacherous of enemies.

All that background research really does pay off in the long run.  It allows you to really get involved with your project, and to breathe life into it.  Learn how your creation would behave and how they would respond to a given scenario; all this will add character to the piece.

As you can see, she is really coming along here, but although she looks almost complete now, there is still one major hurdle to overcome.  Her I cannot begin to tell you how many attempts it took me before I was finally happy with the effect.   Now I had to add her legs -  she had to be able to stand up and move.

In the final chapter I will discuss the various options I had, and how I eventually chose how to finish her.

  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Artist/Sculptor: Sylak

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