Project: The female Centaur.

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by: Sylak.

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We are begining to come to the completion of the construction stages.  The final task here is to make a decision concerning the leg positions, and how to tackle the front legs of the girl's human torso.  Once again I was finding myself in the familiar position of having to compromise one biological feature over the other.   It soon became apparent that whatever the outcome the legs would all have to match each other, as my first draft demonstrates all too clearly.

(Although, in retrospect, I wonder now if I could not have used morphing techniques to graduate the transformation more from human legs in the foreground to insect in the background. Oh well, it's yet another idea I will consider if doing this project again.)

I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial.  The final draft was eventually re-drawn with a different girls face (Kim Basinger) pasted onto the body,   bearing virtually none of the elements of the original magazine cover upon which the drawing was based. :-)

  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Artist/Sculptor: Sylak

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