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beware the moon.


Some of you may remember me mentioning that a few years back, I deigned some 'Werewolf' prosthetic make-up for a Halloween event. Once again this was an ambitious project, and I was only given about 3 weeks notice in order to complete it.  Thinking back now, Although the promoters were simply delighted with the result, I know they would have been just as happy with something on a far simpler scale, but...


I was filled with ambition and ideas about this project; So I rather masochisticly launched myself into what was to become, three weeks of total hell, in order to have the whole project done on time.  The finished piece was cast in foam rubber, with hair punched into the foam, to blend in to a specially altered wig that covered the entire back of the head.  It also boasted:

-Dogs Fangs, that were in fact a complete working set of dentures.

-Ear tips, which matched the overall continuity of the mask.

I really wanted red contact lenses, but this would have totally blown the budget out of the water, so I made do with a special red eyewash instead.

I way, underestimated the complexity of the task in hand. Although I kept the whole thing in budget, I only managed to complete the project by the skin of my teeth, it is not an exercise that I would choose to copy again. It was, on the other hand, an excellent learning experience. I gave myself the chance to try out some techniques I had always wanted to employ, and on the whole I was happy with the results. Tell you the truth, I was just happy to see the back of this project!

If I could do it again (with more time), I would have loved to have designed more of a canine looking werewolf with a stretched mussel.

I regret not being able to find any more photographs. I regret not having taken more during the whole process. I am glad that I found these ones however. Since, I was convinced that I had none left to show!

I recently unearthed these whilst clearing out an old box of chemicals and FX stuff. I hope that these few photos will give you an idea of how it looked. It really was spectacular.

Update: Here you go!  I knew I had some more pictures of the prep work from this project laying around somewhere.  On the next page, you can see both the original fang set and ear tips from the mask.


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Sculptor/model maker: Sylak  -   Artist/painter: Nicky

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