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beware the moon.



I searched high and low for some more pictures from this project. I was sure that I had more parts laying around somewhere. Happily, my rummages have dug up a few prosthetic pieces to show you on this page.


Once again, as with everything on this project, the ear tips were extreme. Finally cast in foam rubber, they extended 73mm from the ear tip, and were glued around the circumference of the ear. Because they had been sculpted around an actual life cast, they fitted snugly around the actor's own ears and once fixed were hardly even apparent to the wearer. The visual effect was however dramatic, since they extended so far out from the main ear, and subtle twitch the subject made, was exaggerated ten fold! This really brought the piece to life.


The fangs were undoubtedly the star attraction in this special make up. They were also the first thing I made. I really pushed the boundaries of feasibility with what could be made, when I designed this set of dentures. Compromising dramatic visual effect against comfort did not result in an even balance.





Building such a bulky upper and lower set caused a fair amount of discomfort and inconvenience to wear. Although they did not prove painful, as such, extended wear did prove a little unbearable at the end of the nights work, and because it was impossible to completely close the mouth, swallowing was impassable, with the resulting effect that the poor wearer ended up drooling like a real dog! (quite effective actually, if not a little too disgusting to watch.)

Thats all folks!

(for now...)

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  S y l a k    S p e c i a l   E f f e c t s

Sculptor/model maker: Sylak  -   Artist/painter: Nicky

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